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Gifted & Talented

Gifted and Talented at Bradford K-8

Bradford strives to provide an enriching environment for all children and acknowledges that some students need extensions within and beyond the classroom.

Components of the Bradford GT Program

There are four main components to the gifted and talented (GT) program provided to students with advanced learning plans (ALPs) at Bradford:

  • Time to connect and interact with other students whose brains think differently than the average student
  • Affective goals teach students how their brains function, ways to deal with anxiety and stress and skills for being successful, including: 
    • Multiple abilities
    • Mindfulness
    • Growth mindset
    • Executive functioning skills
  • Academic support includes extension activities that dive deeper into the classroom curriculum.
  • Goal setting and progress monitoring
    • Students collaborate with the teacher to set goals for their ALPs. 
    • Teachers evaluate the student’s progress and close out goals for their ALP in the school online reporting system (SOARS).

Jefferson County Association for Gifted Children

Gifted & Talented in Jeffco

The Jeffco Public Schools Gifted and Talented (GT) Department’s vision is to Actualize Learners’ Potential for gifted and high-ability learners through a focus on access, equity, inclusion and diversity. All students deserve an education that provides meaningful growth academically, socially and emotionally.

Each year, every second grader in Jeffco takes The Cognitive Abilities Test (CogAT) which measures reasoning skills with different types of verbal, quantitative and nonverbal questions. The results of this test inform teachers which students may be identified as gifted and talented. 

What Is A Gifted Student?

GT students are learners between the ages of four and 21 whose abilities, talents or potential for accomplishment are so exceptional or developmentally advanced that they require special educational programming. Children under five who are gifted may also receive early childhood special educational services. 

Gifted students include students from all backgrounds who have exceptional abilities or potential. Gifted students are capable of exceptional performance,  production or learning behavior and have one or more of these areas of giftedness:

Areas of giftedness

  • Intellectual abilities
  • Specific academic skills
  • Creative or productive thinking
  • Leadership abilities
  • Visual arts, performing arts or musical abilities
  • Physical skills

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Advanced Learning Plan

Bradford K-8 develops an Advanced Learning Plan (ALP) to guide programming for every identified gifted student. 

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