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Academic Support

W.I.N. Enrichment

What I Need (W.I.N.) is a special time set aside in the school day for students to do what they personally need to do to succeed. This unstructured time is a valuable part of the school day. It gives students a chance to:

  • Meet with a specific teacher to catch up on work
  • Receive tutoring in a subject they are struggling with
  • Have time for enrichment activities if they are all caught up 

Many students are unwilling or unable to stay after school to meet with teachers and get extra help. At this age, they do not want to stand out by doing so.

When every student is making the most of their W.I.N. time during the school day, individualized instruction and learning become the norm rather than the exception. Although each school can create specific parameters for W.I.N., the bottom line is that a school can offer more support to its students with this time.

Benefits for middle school students

W.I.N. time is now Academy time at Bradford.  

The middle school years are a critical time of growth for students. Academy time is quite valuable for this age group and provides a variety of benefits. Some of the structured activities students will experience when Bradford institutes Academy time are:

  • MAP Accelerator: Every Monday students spend time using MAP Accelerator, an online math program designed by Khan Academy.  This program connects students with math practice at their level based on information from their Math, MAP tests.

  • Silent reading: Students are given time to self select a book of their choice to read silently

  • Enrichment: These classes vary depending on courses offered by teachers and staff at Bradford North.  Some of the enrichment classes offered include, Battle of the Books, Technology Student Association as well as enrichment in the area of Drama, Art and Sports.

  • Interventions: Content teachers meet weekly to review student work and offer feedback for one another.  Based on the student progress, teachers pull students to work in small groups within their classrooms.

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Credit Recovery

Many students face challenges. Credit recovery at Bradford K-8 helps students get back on track.

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