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School Accountability Committee

The Bradford K-8 School Accountability Committee (SAC) serves in an advisory role to the school principals. Ultimately, the school principals are responsible for ensuring compliance with all federal, state and district requirements and meeting the academic performance expectations defined by Jeffco Public Schools.

SAC Chair

The role of the SAC chair is to:

  • Preside over and facilitate all meetings
  • Set meeting agendas in collaboration with the principal
  • Guide the team in reviewing goals and elements of the school improvement plan
  • Guide the team in making budgetary recommendations
  • Develop and implement plans to increase membership
  • Serve as a point of contact between the SAC and Jeffco’s Strategic Planning Advisory Committee (SPAC) articulation area representative 

SAC Principal

The role of the SAC principal is to:

  • Collaboratively construct the meeting agenda with the SAC chair
  • Provide the school data and school improvement plan to the SAC for review and input
  • Provide budgetary information to the SAC for review and input
  • Secure approval of school fees for the following school year
  • Oversee elections for SAC membership (if needed) and recruit potential candidates
  • Champion the committee’s plan to increase parent involvement
  • Provide various reports, raw data and specific information requested by SAC members
  • rovide timely progress monitoring data to assist the team in reviewing implementation of the school improvement plan
  • Act as a liaison between the SAC, the Bradford school community and Jeffco schools